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Eco-friendly FSC®Products

There are two types of FSC® authentication, forest management certification (FM authentication) for forest management and management certification (COC authentication) for processing and distribution process.

Wood born from FM-certified forest is “strictly controlled” as a “FSC certified material” and is strictly controlled by other processors / distributors who have obtained COC certification so as not to mix other timber, processed into furniture and building materials and sold I will.

By preferentially selecting items with FSC® marks, you can protect forests.

Nakamura Lumber Co., Ltd. sells FSC products.



  • [ 細波 ]
  • FSC®製品・細波01
  • FSC®製品・細波02

  • [ 格子 ]
  • FSC®製品・格子01
  • FSC®製品・格子02

  • [ 山切 ]
  • FSC®製品・山切01
  • FSC®製品・山切02


Eco-friendly FSC®Material


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