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What is Japaneesewood

Consuming what you took on that land on that land.
This local produce disappears, it is also recommended for wood. Moreover, various good things to various places.
Saga brings comfort to us, Saga forests provide wealth, and Saga’s forestry brings health.

Contributing to the prevention of global warming

The longer the transport distance of wood, the higher the CO2 emissions will be, of course.
By the way, imported wood mileage (wood transportation distance) is 6,100 km for North Sea wood, 7,800 km for North American wood and 23,000 km for European wood.
Wood mileage of the prefecture product is only tens of kilometers.
In other words, if you actively use prefectural materials, you can contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Foster a rich forest

Currently the number of forests left abandoned is increasing due to sluggish demand for prefectural materials.
With this, the trees will be overcrowded, not only will they not grow healthily, but the undergrowth will die and the surface will be bare, leading to sediment runoff and loss of water retention.
Avoiding this crisis is thinning of trees, that is, thinning.
When we build a house or make furniture, choosing prefectural wood products leads to financing thinning projects.
It also leads to rich forests, raising robust trees, preventing sediment-related disasters, securing water sources.

Energize forestry and regional economy

Due to inflow of cheap imported materials and diversification of housing construction method and lifestyle, now Saga’s forestry faces various problems such as reduced profitability, increased number of devastated forests, shortage of successors. To solve these problems, it is indispensable to distribute prefecture-produced timber cheaply and stably and expand the use.
If the demand of prefecture-produced materials increases, not only will the forestry be revitalized, local sawmills, designers, carpenters and construction shops will be able to moisten, the regional economy will also develop.