Nakamura Lumber Co.,Ltd.

Wood Fixing CO2 Certification System, First in Kyushu

Nakamura Lumber came to be able to quantify (visualize) the carbon (C) quantity fixed and the carbon dioxide (CO2) quantity absorbed by wooden buildings.
The Wood Fixing CO2 Certification System is a nationwide system that certifies the wood fixing CO2 quantity (carbon dioxide absorbed and carbon fixed by consumed lumber), regardless of whether it is home-grown or foreign-grown. Lumber has the function of absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) and storing carbon (C) and this environmentally contributing effect should be appropriately recognized in promoting the use of lumber for buildings, etc. in Japan.
This system inspires and promotes the positive use of lumber in Japan, thereby increasing absorbed CO2, stored (fixed) carbon and demand for lumber; maintaining domestic forests (revitalizing forests and the forest industry); and contributing to the prevention of global warming.